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At Ridewright Wheels, we have everything in this house of wheelwrights; including in house polishing, chroming and powdercaoting. For powercoating, we keep 6 popular in-house colors supplied by the Tiger Coatinga and Prismatic Powders brands:

Tiger Coatings

Prismatic Powders

Gloss Black
(Tiger: Truck Black)


(Prismatic: Brassy Gold)

Gloss Red
(Tiger: Fire Engine Red)

Candy Apple Red

(Prismatic: Lollypop Red) 

(Prismatic: Transparent Copper)
Lollypop Blue

(Prismatic: Lollypop Blue)

Special Colors

Our vendors have practically boundless options when it comes to colors. If you are not interested in our house colors for your hoops, nips, spokes and/or hubs; please visit their websites and find the color that you want.

Let us know the vendor (Tiger or Prismatic), their name of the color, color code and what you want powdercoated; then we will give you a quote for the color of your choice.


Tiger Coatings

Prismatic Powders

Disclaimer: Colors on computer screens do not accurately represent the real thing. Colors shown on our web site are to be used as approximations only.

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