We are widely known as the "go to" source for American made spoke motorcycle wheels. We're kind of like "The People's Wheel" with our understated approach, our really divererse array of customers, our friendly service and our reasonable prices. You kind of had to be in the know to find us, but the Internet is changing that. Come join us.

With 40, 50 (Fat 50), 60, 80 and 120 count spokes, most every wheel size, and color availability galore; you can be certain your wheel will look unique to your style. Thousands and thousands of riders are turning to us to spice up their Harley-Davidson. These days, it's more than just Harleys, but most any make becuase we have a means of fitment that adapts to any motorcycle. Ultimately at Ridewright, we listen to your wants and make the wheel to your specification. Innately, they are engineered, assembled and tested to be extremely durable.  Ride on.

Ridewright Spoke Wheel Gallery We are working hard to create a standardized web-based order form for spokes. Customization is more often than not, standardized. Because our wheels are so highly-customizable and our options are so broad, for now we have a simple "Request Quote" form below. This form sends your details straight to our inbox and we will respond to you a price, and any additional consultation, as soon as possible.
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Fat 50: AKA "The Fat Daddy" SEE THE FAT 50 DETAILS HERE: We are ALSO known best as the fathers of the Fat 50 spoke wheel. It is a highly-engineered spoke wheel with customization options above anything out there. Please see what it has to offer to you here.

Soft Lip Rims are only available in the following sizes:  16x3.5,18x3.5, 18x5.5, 21x3.5, 23x3.5 and 26x3.5 for now.
Fitment, Finish & Treatment


  • What wheels fit your bike without modification
  • Available colors
  • Treatment like engraving, pinstriping, painting and more
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