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We are wheelwrights. The better we get, the better off we all are. The American version of this craft precedes the industrial age when motorcycles were invented, and dates as well before colonial times before our nation was too.  On wheels, America did prosper. On wheels, motorcycling was born. The wheels of progress indeed were made by wheelwrights. We’re honored to be of this age old engineering art form.

 Heritage. Craftsmanship. Dedication. Pride. Here’s to the first wheelwrights – our champions. We sympathize with our predecessors. In manufacturing, there certainly is more involved to making a wheel than meets the eye. Stakes are raised as speed, load, style, ride time, experimentation…and road imperfections are raised as well. Though conditions and technology has improved, we still respect the fact that everything rides on us. We take it seriously, with honor; with passion. 

  • That spirit was core to our thinking in 1999 when the newly founded Ridewright Wheel Company set out to make the most durable spoked wheel that fit Harley-Davidsons. The Fat 50 was invented. Beefier on all fronts, the industry not only desired the innate strength of the design but it loved the new look for motorcycles that were begging for more substance between their growing stature and the road. Still a favorite, we continue to make each release better and better, so that others may be better off. 
  • Then we came out with our exclusive Modular Hub Ends. This sped up assembly/delivery time because more product was at the ready. The modular pieces allowed further wheel customization to the detail-driven customers. Also, it gave people an excuse to sell their motorcycle but keep their wheels; it was a simple hub end that would change. 
  • Trikes, Can-Ams and T-Rex’s discovered that we can provide high-performance options for all three wheels that match, and also provide highly-stylish wheels in mag or spoke format. 

We grew.  Orders went out. Feedback came in. Refinements were made. Tests and more tests were aced. We habitually fine-tuned our fine-tuning. Customers kept coming and we kept supporting them, quickly. When you’re dedicated this deep into a craft, it’s hard not to be passionate – especially when customers continue to affirm your talents. 

We are a simple wheel company based in California, humble wielders of the oldest of human technologies. We build a solid product, as a solid organization, and we’re not another fly-by-night. We’re ahead of the game and we are here to stay (and honor our competitive warranty if you ever need to).  Like what the wheel has done for so many, we feel boundless as we find endless ways to improve our chosen craft, customize wheels, grow and ride as far as our hearts take us. In this, we are out to make your ride better off.

Simple, solid and boundless and all you... 
Ridewright Wheels is the premiere go-to place for quickly getting the finest American-made spoke or billet mag wheels exactly how you want them. 

Company Overview
Leading with the Fat Daddy, Ridewright Wheels™ has bought wheel manufacturing to this next level of quality, compatibility and customization. Our concept of the wheel company is Simple, Solid and every way.

Since 1999, Ridewright wheels was created to offer the finest wheels, best support and fastest turn-around for the money.

Our Products
In a word, they are your products. This is due to the caliber of customization that we offer. The ease and amount of fine tuning that you are able to achieve makes our wheels your blank canvas. The variations are boundless

We also spend a great deal of attention on durability through good ol’ American style engineering. Our products are solid and built for lasting performance - like how things used to be made. The materials we use, the way we manufacturing, the attention to detail and the testing is done with the demands of the American biker in mind. To use another word, refined excellence describes the essence of our products best. We love the wheel. It shows. You’ll see. Have a look. 

  • The Fat 50 spoke wheel (A.K.A. "The Fat Daddy")
  • Cross lace 40, 60, 80, 120 spoke wheels
  • Billet wheels 
  • Custom one-off billet wheels 
  • Trike and Can-am Spyder wheels 
  • Rotors and pulleys to match out wheels
  • Most any wheel config you can think of...


Ridewright Motorccle Wheels Made In The USA

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